Category: David’s Diary

Why We Sing What We Sing

Choral music has a long written record (maybe 2,500 years), but as a folk art, its heritage is likely entwined with all of human history. There are cultures on the planet that don’t embrace all the … read more

A Singing Saturday Like No Other

Some amazing things happened at Singing Saturday.  Sure, the boys rehearsed and sang for us (always amazing), but it’s the parents’ meeting that knocked my socks off.  Special thanks to our Development Committee co-chairs, Gabriela Wehner … read more

Collaborations: A Tasty Brew

Ragazzi boys are in demand! This spring has turned into one of our busier with boys from Premiere, Avanti, Concert Group and Young Men’s Ensemble involved in four different collaborations. YME, our high school group, … read more

Howdy from Salt Lake City!

From Ragazzi Executive Director David Jones What do the Chamber Singers from USC (maybe the best collegiate choir in the country), the Metropolitan Chorus of Tokyo and the fabled King’s Singers have in common?  They’re all … read more

The Wind-Up… and the Pitch

Before this fall semester can wind down, it winds… up.  We had our first December gig Thursday (the Primary boys at the Redwood City Woman’s Club luncheon).  We have several more gigs (Burlingame, SF Symphony, … read more

‘Tis the Season!

We are coming up on many Ragazzi and non-Ragazzi events that contribute to the “season.” Some are obvious: Thanksgiving, Ragazzi concerts and gigs, Hanukkah, Christmas, and of course, there are others. Less obvious is Ragazzi’s Annual … read more