Bash After-Glow

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Leslie Spaeth


Bayou Bash Highlights

Memories from Ragazzi’s October 2016 Bayou Bash fundraiser. The New Orleans theme was a celebration of our Avanti group’s tour to that beautiful city, plus the recording by our upper groups of the “I Dream A World CD” at Skywalker Studios. It was a wonderful party!

The Bayou Bash was a rousing success, thanks to many people!

Our Hosts: Gabriela and Dave Wehner

The Bayou Bash Planning Committee: Gabriela Wehner, Amy Mendenhall, Joan Addicott

Ragazzi Office Staff: Joan Addicott, Stefanie Wilen, Leslie Spaeth, David Jones

Underwriters: Peter Sherman (beer and wine), David Jones and Joan Addicott (hurricanes), Amy and David Mendenhall (decorations), Gabriela and Dave Wehner (many, many items)

Entertainment: Ragazzi Continuo, Carla Befera (Auctioneer)

Live Auction Donors: Marilyn Wells, Ragazzi Office, Gabriela and Dave Wehner, Ragazzi Continuo

Pay-to-Play Donors: Steve and Suzanne Carlson, Amy and David Mendenhall, Lisa and Tom Stephenson, Alegio Chocolate, Gabriela and Dave Wehner, Ambrosial Coffee, Marilyn Wells

Silent Auction Donors: Disneyland, Mountain Camp, San Francisco 49ers, Amy and David Mendenhall, Chris Griffin, Carol Panofsky, Julie Mamis, James Williamson, Kasumisou Gallery, Joyce Keil, Ragazzi Office, Mary Sacco

Game Prizes: Gabriela and Dave Wehner, Amy Mendenhall, Sprinkles Cupcakes

Volunteers: Peter Sherman, Chris Griffin, Gabriela Wehner, Dave Wehner, Amy Mendenhall, Melissa Gonzalez, Christine Chu, Mary Sacco, Laura Covington

Rosa Molero, Lucy Tompkin, Bill Lopez, Manyun Natsu