Ragazzi kicks off a unique and exciting season

Oct 19, 2020
By Nancy Whitecar

Ragazzi Boys Chorus began its 2020–2021 season in September with over 200 boys enrolled in our program. Under the leadership of Artistic and Executive Director Kent Jue, and with a full faculty roster, we are using the extraordinary circumstances of remote instruction to build our repertoire of teaching tools and techniques. We continue to provide exceptional musical education while creating a rich choral community.

By investing in faculty training and the latest online instruction platforms, Ragazzi has effectively pivoted from in-person, classroom teaching to remote learning for all of our students. Directors lead activities for ear and vocal training, teach repertoire, and provide theory instruction with face-to-face communication and visual presentations. In addition, boys receive access to recording tracks and printed lessons that support individual skill-building. Virtual choir projects – where individual singers are technically combined into one audio-visual “choir”—are planned as culminating performance opportunities for boys in our training and touring groups.

Innovation has further enhanced member experiences this fall: Ragazzi is proud to be a leader in remote choral singing through the debut of the Ragazzi Virtual Studio. This new technology allows singers to hear others, as well as their own voice, in real-time over an internet connection. The Virtual Studio has revolutionized our expectations for remote learning, allowing us to focus on the artistry for which we’re known, despite rehearsing at a distance.  We recently performed with over 80 participants — singers, directors, and accompanists — breaking our own record for the largest number of people making music together remotely.

Thank you to the families, alumni, friends and collaborators of Ragazzi Boys Chorus for your continued support of our program. Our faculty and staff are committed to building confident, artistic musicians, and we appreciate your encouragement.