Ragazzi Continuo: a Musical Brotherhood

ContinuoImage2014Ragazzi’s alumni ensemble, Ragazzi Continuo, performs regularly around Northern California. Continuo members have re-connected as adults with their brothers-in-music, exploring works that span centuries and cultural traditions. With over a century of combined musical experience, Continuo sings for both private and public audiences.


We’ll look for you at a Continuo concert

Ragazzi alumni go back to 1987 and we love hearing stories from their young singing days, along with updates about their adult lives.  Many, many boys have grown up with the program and count their time in rehearsal, onstage, at camp, and on tour as some of the most indelible memories of childhood.

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[Ragazzi gave me] confidence, discipline, dedication, knowledge in a wide range of musical and artistic areas ... and of course the amazing memories you truly will never forget

Matt Weinglass | Alumnus

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