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Ragazzi is looking for boys who love to sing

He’s easy to recognize: the boy who sang “The Wheels on the Bus” over and over as he drove his dump truck in the sandbox at preschool…or the boy who sings on his scooter, or in the bathtub. These boys may be quiet or boisterous, but their eyes light up when they hear music.

Maybe you are a parent who loves music and wants to share that love with your son. Or maybe you’ve read the research about the incredible social, academic and emotional benefits attributed to choral music learning.

Ragazzi offers a complete musical education. The program is designed to take boys as young as five from their first taste of choral singing through a full course of choral/vocal instruction. Boys from all walks of life enjoy the opportunity to participate in this unparalleled learning experience.

• Find new friendships
• Improve social skills and self-esteem
• Develop an appreciation of music that will last a lifetime

Here are some more reasons to choose Ragazzi Boys Chorus.

Recent awards:
• Named one of the Best Choirs On The Peninsula by CBS News
• Voted Best Non-Profit 2019, Best After-School Activity 2019, and Best Non-Profit 2018 by Palo Alto Daily News readers


Become a Ragazzi chorister! No previous singing experience is required to audition. We know this is likely a boy’s first audition experience, so we keep the experience short, simple, and fun! There is no need to prepare a musical selection. Auditions are held year round.

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"My audition was fun. At first I was nervous, but everyone was really nice."

First-time chorister, age 7


Is your boy too young for our Primary group, but loves to sing? The perfect beginning at Ragazzi harnesses his musical energy in our non-auditioned Prelude class. He’ll have lots of fun, get a taste of choral singing, and get started on some of the foundations of music. This 45-minute class is designed for boys ages 5–7.

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The benefits of choral singing

In this video, author Daniel Pink discusses his book “When,” about when (and where) to harness peak awareness and take restorative breaks. The segment about the astonishing pro-social and personal health benefits of group singing starts at 4:30.

“Choral singing has benefits that are just extraordinary at the physiological and psychological level…[it] boosts the moods of kids, improves their social and emotional learning, and could…make them better citizens of the school.”