Ragazzi News & Updates

Eagle Scout Project Benefits Ragazzi

Over 400 Volunteer Hours! Thanks to Nathan Tan, one of Ragazzi’s high school singers who is also a Boy Scout, we now have a gorgeous newly renovated music theory room! Nathan saw that the music … read more

Tools for Life, Developed in Ragazzi

This essay was written by the parent of a Ragazzi chorister, graduating class of 2018. We thank this young man and his family for sharing the highlights of his years with the chorus, But most … read more

Ragazzi Soloist sings with the San Francisco Symphony

Symphony Swings and Sings with Bernstein Story by Joshua Kosman, photos by Stefan Cohen San Francisco Chronicle, September 23, 2017 … Friday’s performance was nothing if not alluring — vigorous but soft-grained in the opening movement … read more

About In the Company of Angels

The following is a brief essay from Ragazzi’s December 2016 programs for our In The Company of Angels concerts. Angels: Visitors From Another World What are angels? They appear as messengers or agents from the … read more

Why We Sing What We Sing

Choral music has a long written record (maybe 2,500 years), but as a folk art, its heritage is likely entwined with all of human history. There are cultures on the planet that don’t embrace all the … read more

More than Music!

Ragazzi Boys Chorus is helping to build remarkable boys, as described in this shortened version of our mission statement: “Ragazzi educates boys to perform choral music to the highest standards of excellence, instilling self-confidence, cooperation, leadership, sensitivity … read more

A Singing Saturday Like No Other

Some amazing things happened at Singing Saturday.  Sure, the boys rehearsed and sang for us (always amazing), but it’s the parents’ meeting that knocked my socks off.  Special thanks to our Development Committee co-chairs, Gabriela Wehner … read more