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Ragazzi Boys Chorus,
178-A Clinton Street
Redwood City CA 94062
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Tech support for choristers and families

Visit ragazzi.org/help

Music Faculty

Kent Jue, Executive and Artistic Director

Travis Rogers, Young Men’s Ensemble

Kaori DeNoia, Premiere

Carol Panofsky, Theory

Nathan Wilen, Premiere

John Collaros, Primary

Peter Meredith, Premiere

Nancy Whitecar, Premiere

Thomas Wade, Avanti

Dawn Reyen, Music and Movement

Maggie Eggert, Music and Movement

Joyce Keil, Founder

Program staff

Kent Jue, Executive and Artistic Director

Joan Addicott, Chorus Manager; Volunteer and Tour Coordinator

Laura Graham, Music Librarian

Peter Meredith, Development Manager

Leslie Spaeth, CPA, Controller