Ragazzi’s Board of Directors is an all-volunteer organization that meets monthly to set policy and direction. We thank our board members for their dedicated service to Ragazzi’s boys.

HELEN WATERS, Co-President

Helen became a Ragazzi parent in 2014 and joined the board in 2019. She has volunteered for Ragazzi in multiple motley capacities, and enjoys being a New Parent mentor to incoming families. She is passionate about how the Chorus helps boys find their footing and their voices, literally and figuratively. Having studied classical piano and cello for many years, Helen cherishes the experience of listening to live performances, especially Ragazzi’s. Professionally, Helen advises senior teams in strategic planning to integrate and improve user experiences, applying design thinking methods and graphic facilitation, with deep knowledge of the healthcare delivery space. She lives in Palo Alto with her husband, son, daughter and their fuzzy dog.

Tania Nanevicz, Co-President

Tania Nanevicz, MD has a son in Ragazzi, who started as a second grader. She comes from a musical family and is herself a violinist, having studied at Stanford and at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Dr. Nanevicz has experience in fundraising and development, having served other other community organizations. She is a cardiologist with the Palo Alto Medical Foundation in Burlingame, where she has been the divisional Site Lead for six years.

Saswati Paul, SECRETARY

Saswati Paul joined the Ragazzi Board in 2019. She has been a Ragazzi parent and an active volunteer since 2014, primarily working on recruiting new students, and as a chaperone. While she lacks the ability to carry a tune, she enjoys listening to music, and was a dancer for 14 years in her teens and twenties. She is an ERISA attorney by profession, having worked both for the Department of Labor in Washington, DC and for large and medium-size firms in the Bay Area. These days she focuses her time on non-profits. She is the Co-President of San Mateo High School’s Foundation and Vice-Chair of Equal Access International, a communications-for-social-change NGO that combines the power of media with community mobilization in order to empower those most vulnerable in the developing world. She was also the past president of her son’s middle school PTA. She holds a BA in Economics from Yale University and a JD from Northeastern University School of Law.



Collin joined the board in 2019, and is an alumnus of the Ragazzi Boys Chorus. He credits Ragazzi for his love of singing and choral music, and sang in Ragazzi from the age eight through the end of high school. Collin went on to study engineering at Santa Clara University but continued to sing, joining the Santa Clara Chamber Singers and Concert Choir. After college, Collin reconnected with Ragazzi, and now sings in Ragazzi’s alumni group, Ragazzi Continuo, where he served as the group’s president for three terms.  Collin currently studies Computer Science as a PhD student at Stanford University, where he received an MS in Computer Science and an MS in Electrical Engineering. He also holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science & Engineering from Santa Clara University.


Suzanne has been a Ragazzi parent since 2013 and is the mother of two choristers. She and her husband Steve have hosted several Ragazzi fundraising dinners at their home in San Carlos. She is excited about the range of musical and cross-cultural opportunities Ragazzi offers to choristers and the community. She holds a JD from Yale Law School, a master’s degree in History from UC San Diego, and a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology with Honors in Education from Stanford University.

Junehee Cho

Junehee Cho joined the Ragazzi board in 2018 and has been a Ragazzi parent since 2012. She has spent most of her career advising corporations on financial risk management and was a founding team member of a global rates hedge fund where she led marketing. Junehee holds a BA from Barnard College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Lisa Clancy

Lisa Clancy is the mother of three boys, who have been involved in the music world of the Bay Area for many years. Her middle son joined Ragazzi at age 7 (because he heard they gave out free pizza) and stayed until he was 18. Likewise, her youngest son went through the entire program and loved every minute of it. Lisa has been a longtime and active Ragazzi volunteer. Professionally, Lisa, who has a background in mechanical engineer, runs a small business.


Mike has a son in Concert Group, who has now has spent most of his life with Ragazzi. Mike started his first software company in high school, and has since built and sold multiple startups. Mike has served on the board of various non-profit organizations, including The Clarence Foundation, Foundation for Sustainable Development, and Circles.org. He currently works in the areas of architecture and product management for Splunk.

Alan Hu

Alan Hu is the father of a Ragazzi chorister, and joined the Ragazzi board in 2017. He is the retired co-founder of QuantumLeap Healthcare, a charitable foundation in cancer research which applies Silicon-Valley style entrepreneurship to health care research so that new treatments can reach patients sooner. Previous to this, Alan had a long career in the high-tech industry, in both established multi-nationals and Silicon Valley startups. He currently serves as advisor to three startup companies in diverse industries.

Kent Jue, Artistic and Executive Director

Kent is thrilled and honored to lead the artistic and administrative arms of Ragazzi. Having developed music programs in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years, Kent is renowned for his leadership in developing and promoting student achievement and engagement, and for inspiring families and communities. During his tenure as Executive Director, Kent has guided Ragazzi’s growth plan as it became the largest boys chorus program in the Bay Area, created two satellite programs for entry-level families, increased grant and foundation support, and established Ragazzi’s first endowment. He is a member of Chorus America’s Leadership Development Forum, a Packard Foundation grantee, a participant in the Stanford Social Innovation Review’s Nonprofit Management Institute, and a recent panelist for the California Arts Council’s Arts Education Exposure grant. Kent is dedicated to developing Ragazzi’s extensive program to its fullest potential. For more information on Kent’s experience as  a choral educator, see our faculty page.


Rebecca has been a Ragazzi mom since 2010, and joined the board in 2019. She has volunteered in several capacities, most notably as concert chaperone, which she enjoys because seeing the same concert three times running doesn’t get old when you have an up-close-and-personal view of the joy the boys have for performing. She still gets chills at least once every concert. She is passionate about the life skills the boys build as they traverse the chorus levels with the gradually increasing expectations for responsibility and maturity. Professionally, Rebecca works in aerospace, where she builds rockets and spacecraft for a living. She holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech and a PhD from the University of California at Berkeley. She lives in San Carlos with her husband, her Ragazzi boy and his two siblings, and two guinea pigs.



Catalina Verdu-Cano joined the Ragazzi Board in 2019, and has been a Ragazzi parent and volunteer since 2014. Catalina has a passion for the performing arts. As a child, she attended the Royal Conservatory of Dance and Music in Murcia, Spain. Currently, she enjoys singing with the Stanford Community Chorus. She has provided leadership and expertise to non-profit and philanthropic organizations, and held positions at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and the California Endowment, and has been a private consultant. She currently works at Stanford University. Catalina pursued a master’s degree in International Studies, a graduate certificate in Not-for-Profit Organization Management at the University of Oregon, and a European BA from the University of Alicante (Spain). She received an Ambassador of Goodwill Scholarship from the Rotary Foundation and a European Union Erasmus Scholarship. She lives with her husband and two Ragazzi boys in Palo Alto.