More than music

Ragazzi Boys Chorus is helping to build remarkable boys, as described in this shortened version of our mission statement: “Ragazzi educates boys to perform choral music to the highest standards of excellence, instilling self-confidence, cooperation, leadership, sensitivity and tenacity, building young men of character and distinction.”

In this summary of Does Music Help Make You a Genius?, from the ScienceGo series “Through the Wormhole”, we see how the practice and study of music can build brain power. The strongest predictor of academic success is whether students study music at an early age. This video demonstrates how neuroscientist and music educator Dr. Martin Gardiner’s research has shown that the strongest musical training is the Kodály method, which uses the body and the mind to integrate learning. The integration is the most valuable benefit of music study.

We are proud that Ragazzi teachers are trained in the Kodály method and we are delighted to contribute to the growth of boys through our program of education and performance.

—Joyce Keil, Ragazzi founder


Why we sing


The meaning of music, in boys’ own words