HMB Review: Ragazzi boys sing with SF Symphony

The Half Moon Bay Review featured two local Ragazzi choristers who are currently singing with the San Francisco Symphony:

At the end of September, the San Francisco Symphony celebrated American composer Leonard Bernstein, and two Half Moon Bay boys were there for the show. While middle school student Nick McKee waited in the wings, the spotlight shone on young soprano Nicholas Hu. After the last note was sung and the glitter of the bright lights faded, the compelling story of how two boys from a small coastal town defied all odds and found themselves together at the San Francisco Symphony remained…. “Ragazzi has its own summer camp where you work extremely hard every day for four hours a day, and for 10 days in July. It’s really fun,” said Hu. “One day, while we were practicing, someone said, ‘Oh, hey, there’s a symphony going on. Do you want to do it?’”

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