San Mateo Daily Journal: Ragazzi is “always a good show”

The San Mateo Daily Journal wrote about our holiday concert series:

Local audiences know the Ragazzi Boys Chorus from whenever such a group is needed for a choral work that somebody is putting on: Orff’s “Carmina Burana,” for example. The group is always reliable and delightful. What they may not know is that Ragazzi has an extensive life of its own. There was special appeal in its holiday concert this year, which I heard last Sunday…. Artistic director Joyce Keil picked five out of innumerable modern settings of the Gregorian chant “Ubi Caritas,” which means “Where there is love, God is there.” These and a number of other warm choral pieces on the theme of universal love, not all of them from the Christian tradition, were performed by four separate Ragazzi choirs…. Ragazzi ranges from these small boys up through high school, so we heard everything from boy sopranos through to young mature men’s voices, often in combination to make a multi-layered treat.

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