The wind-up…and the pitch

Before this fall semester can wind down, it winds… up.  We had our first December gig Thursday (the Primary boys at the Redwood City Woman’s Club luncheon).  We have several more gigs (Burlingame, SF Symphony, San Mateo, Hillsborough, Belmont – you know who you are!), three concerts and the recital to get through before the all boys can hang it up for this holiday season.

So here’s the pitch: unlike the boys, Ragazzi’s Annual Fund can’t take a break.  It’s our single biggest fundraiser – this year all the boys of Ragazzi are relying on it for 11% of our overall budget.  Right now, we’re at about 45% of of our dollar goal.  Since most folks do their biggest chunk of annual giving in December, we’re optimistic that we’ll get there,soon

But we need your help.

We have another goal, too – 100% family participation, and we’re only barely at 30%.  Our best chance of attracting grants (all of Ragazzi relies on that money, too) is to be able to say we have overwhelming support from our closest stakeholders – but we’re not there, yet.

Every donation helps – every donation counts!  Donate now!!!