Light and Love at Old First Church

Featuring Concert Group, Choral Scholars, and Young Men’s Ensemble, we are honored to have been invited back to perform as part of the Old First Concerts concert series.

“Light and Love” celebrates the unifying power of singing and the community we share in the holiday season. The program’s repertoire for treble voices, mixed voices, and changed voices features several prominent contemporary composers including Susan LaBarr, Katerina Gimon, and Kim André Arnesen. LaBarr’s “Where the Light Begins” doubles as a celebration of Christmas as well as a universal call for peace. “My Light” by Katerina Gimon employs unique vocal timbres and improvisational sections to create a resplendent and energetic sonic atmosphere. “Light and Love” lifts up the emotive voices of boys and young men as they explore the power of light during the season of reflection and joy. Join us as we open our hearts and illuminate the season with messages of love, hope, and peace.