The Ragazzi Experience


Ragazzi boys progress through six levels of musical proficiency where they benefit from new vocal, theory, travel and performance opportunities.  Boys enter the program at the Prelude (ages 5-7) or Primary Group (ages 7-10) level, where they spend 12-18 months learning to sing in unison, to sing in parts and solfège (do-re-mi), and to memorize songs. Starting with Primary Group, half of every weekly class is devoted to music theory where they acquire logical thinking and sight reading skills.

Parents receive regular feedback from choir directors and theory instructors about their boy’s progress in vocals, theory, and overall conduct. At each level, personal success boosts their confidence.

When I started in Ragazzi ten years ago, I was a shy little kid who had trouble saying “hi” to people. After performing in the spotlight so often, that stage fright has slowly but surely gone away. Now public speaking feels very natural to me. — Ragazzi Chorister


Performances teach boys independence, communication and time management. Ragazzi boys serve as good role models – they work hard and know how to conduct themselves. Older Ragazzi boys provide inspiration to the younger members of the chorus.

Ragazzi boys take part in prestigious performance opportunities as they progress from the Prelude to Primary Group, Premiere, Avanti, Concert Group, and ultimately to Young Men’s Ensemble and Choral Scholars based on readiness as determined by the directors. Choristers participate in multiple performances each year, increasing in number with experience. Ragazzi is often invited to perform at corporate and sporting events, symphony, opera, and ballet performances and choir competitions. The Avanti, Concert and Young Men’s Ensemble groups tour domestically and internationally every year where they are chaperoned by Ragazzi faculty and staff. Premiere choristers have an annual family-accompanied weekend tour to a northern California destination. Tour and summer camp are two of the many experiences that help boys build meaningful friendships.


Ragazzi staff and faculty are passionate about giving boys opportunities to participate in the arts and use proven methods to help them achieve excellence.  

Ragazzi choir directors have degrees and certifications in music education or choral conducting which enable our faculty to teach comprehensive choral techniques and methods in our multi-year curriculum. Additionally, our skilled collaborative pianists who support our classes, recitals, and concerts, have specific training in music performance and education.  Together, our directors and pianists work as a team to provide the boys with an in-depth music education.

Our office staff is the cornerstone of our organization, providing business operations, event management, volunteer coordination, finance management, and family support. Staff, faculty and parent volunteers work hard to ensure the safety of each student during rehearsals and performances. In Prelude, Primary Group, and Ragazzi Premiere rehearsals, there is a volunteer parent or guardian chaperone at the weekly classes and performances to ensure each boy’s immediate needs are met. 

How to Join Ragazzi

Here are a few ways to get involved and join in the fun!

Attend Singfest

Singfest is our triannual (in January, May, and August) audition event where we invite boys 7-10 to come experience Ragazzi firsthand for free! Boys join us for a morning of singing and fun as they learn songs and games that culminate in a performance for the families of attendees. Each boy will also take part in a brief group audition so he can be placed in a level appropriate for his musical training.

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Schedule an Audition

No matter what age or singing experience your boy has, we make sure the audition process is fun, engaging, and – most importantly – stress-free. For younger boys, we know this is likely their first audition. There is no need to prepare anything, and we don’t expect them to have singing experience.

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Any Other Questions?

Contact Noah Rulison (Communications, Development, and Recruiting Manager).