Financial assistance

We believe that any boy who loves to sing should be able to participate in Ragazzi, regardless of financial circumstances. We encourage families to apply for financial help through our confidential Flexible Tuition Assistance Program. Thanks to the generosity of Ragazzi families and multiple foundations, we can cover 10–90% of costs for qualifying families. FTAP provides assistance for choral tuition, tour, and summer camp. All applications and awards are strictly confidential.

The financial aid application deadline for Fall 2020 has passed, with two exceptions:
• New families that are enrolling in Ragazzi for the first time may apply until Fri, Sep 25, 2020.
• Returning families with extenuating circumstances may appeal for special consideration. Please email Leslie Spaeth.

  • Financial assistance (FTAP) application

  • Financial information

  • We ask that families who file taxes separately each fill out a FTAP form. If you are filling out an FTAP request as two families, please forward this document to the other family member, and have them complete the form and return it to the office with their tax returns. Incomplete files will not be reviewed.
  • How many people live in your house full time, and how old are they?
  • Are they considered a dependent on your tax returns?
  • If you own a home, what is the estimated value and mortgage owed on the home? (Or put down your rent per month.)
  • If you have other real estate, what is the estimated value and mortgage owed? Put down "none" if you don't have a second home or other real estate.
  • What other after-school activities do each of your children particiate in, and what is the cost per year?
  • Do you or anyone in your household have any trust or inheritance assets from last year? If so, please list.
  • Employment, etc.

  • Has your financial situation changed from last year? Please state any permanent or temporary extenuating financial circumstances not reflected in the previous year's tax return.
  • Do you have a financial situation that you would like us to consider when issuing FTAP?
  • Please submit your tax return from 2019 (Form 1040 & Schedule A, Form 1040A, or 1040EZ.) If you are new to this process, please drop off a copy of your return at our office or email it Leslie Spaeth at lspaeth@ragazzi.org
  • Please provide your adjusted gross income on your tax return. Write down the tax year and amount.
  • Please specify either a percentage or a dollar amount of assistance needed for choral tuition. (If you don't need assistance in this area, please indicate "none.")
  • If you are applying for choral tuition assistance, please choose one of the payment plans. (If you are not applying for the choral tuition assistance, you can pick "none.")
  • We have not yet decided on a final tuition amount for our Summer 2021 tours. There is no tour for Primary. Premiere tour is generally around $150; AV is around $2100, and CG & YME are about $5750. You can either ask the amount you need or the percentage that you want us to assist. If you don't need assistance in this area, please indicate "none."
  • The placement level is a determining factor that decides what camp your chorister will be attending in 2021. Placement notification will be given in May 2021. Primary camp is generally about $500; Premiere is $800–$1,000; Avanti & YME are about $1,600; CG & YCS is about $1,800. You can either ask the amount you need or the percentage that you want us to assist. (If you don't need assistance in this area, please indicate "none.")
  • I understand that, if awarded, the tuition adjustment will be final. I also understand that FTAP does not cover non-tuition expenses.