Ragazzi regularly tours in the United States and abroad to develop the boys’ performance skills and build our reputation for performance excellence. Our Premiere (intermediate) boys and families participate in springtime weekend tours to locations within a few hours’ drive. Avanti boys undertake 5–7 day tours, including to domestic festivals. Concert Group and our Young Men’s Ensemble participate in more extensive domestic and international tours.

Ragazzi tour history

  • 1990: International Kathaumixw Festival, B.C., Canada
  • 1992: St. Petersburg Int’l Boys Choir Festival, Russia
  • 1995: Eastern Europe
  • 1998: Rome & Venice, Italy
  • 1999: Osaka Int’l Youth Chorus Festival, Japan
  • 2001: Llangollen Int’l Choral Festival, Wales, & England
  • 2002: AmericaFest, St. Cloud & World Choral Symposium, Minneapolis, Minn.
  • 2004: Madrid & Seville, Spain; Lisbon & Ponteverdra, Portugal
  • 2005: Pacific Int’l Children’s Choir Festival, Eugene, Orgeon
  • 2006: Spokane, Coeur d’Alene; Missoula Int’l Choral Festival, Montana
  • 2007: Brisbane & Sydney, Australia; Auckland & Rotorua, New Zealand
  • 2008: Vancouver; Int’l Kathaumixw Festival, B.C., Canada
  • 2009: Tucson & Phoenix, Arizona
  • 2010: Loto-Québec World Choral Festival, Montréal & Québec City, Canada
    • San Luis Obispo (Ragazzi Premiere)
  • 2011: Havana, Trinidad, and Cienfuegos, Cuba
  • 2012: Southern California, including performing at Disneyland Concert Hall
  • 2013: World Vision Int’l Children’s Choir Festival, Seoul & Suncheon, South Korea
    • California Napa Valley (Ragazzi Premiere)
  • 2014: New York City and Carnegie Hall/Choirs of America (Concert Group & Young Men’s Ensemble)
    • Old Town Sacramento (Ragazzi Premiere)
  • 2015: South Africa: Durban, Johannesberg, Drakensburg, Cape Town (Concert Group & Young Men’s Ensemble)
    • Pacific International Choir Festival, Eugene, Oregon (Avanti)
    • Santa Rosa (Ragazzi Premiere)
  • 2016: Skywalker Studios recording tour (Concert Group & Young Men’s Ensemble)
    • New Orleans, Louisiana:  Crescent City Children’s Choir Festival (Avanti)
    • California Napa Valley (Ragazzi Premiere)
  • 2017: The Baltics: Riga, Latvia, Tallinn, Estonia, and St. Petersburg, Russia (Concert Group & Young Men’s Ensemble)
    • Arizona and the International Boys and Men’s Choral Festival – Phoenix, Flagstaff & Tucson (Avanti)
    • Old Town Sacramento (Ragazzi Premiere)
  • 2018: Our third acceptance to the famous International Kathaumixw Festival, B.C., Canada (Avanti, Concert Group & Young Men’s Ensemble)
    • California Napa Valley (Ragazzi Premiere)
  • 2019: Mexico (Concert Group & Young Men’s Ensemble)
    • Sing a Mile High International Children’s Choral Festival, Denver, Colorado (Avanti)
    • State Capitol Sacramento (Ragazzi Premiere)