David Allen

Choral Program


  • Primary Group (beginners): $1,890 annually
  • Ragazzi Premiere (intermediate): $2,205 annually
  • Avanti (entry-level treble performing group): $2,500 annually
  • Concert Group (upper-level treble performing group): $2,500 annually
  • Choral Scholars (internal changed-voice honor choir): $2,500 annually; includes participation in Young Men’s Ensemble
  • Young Men’s Ensemble (changed voices): $2,310 annually

Tuition assistance is available.
Sibling discounts are also available.

Additional costs:

  • New chorister registration fees (includes complete theory program materials and book bag): $195
  • Uniforms: about $100 per year or less (pre-worn uniforms are often available free)
  • Concert Group and Young Men’s Ensemble blazers: rented at $100/year
  • Ragazzi Virtual Studio (RVS): rented at $75/year (for remote singing)

photo by Liu Yang


Ragazzi’s non-auditioned option for boys ages 5–7 who are just getting started with singing. These are Ragazzi’s youngest members. When boys are ready, they can move into our choral training program.


  • Fall (11 weeks): $330
  • Spring (13 weeks): $390

Sibling discounts are available.

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Variable by year and location; approximate costs listed

  • Sleep-away camp for Avanti, Concert Group, Choral Scholars, and Young Men’s Ensemble: approximately $1,600–2,000
    • 8-day camp required for Avanti and Young Men’s Ensemble
    • 10-day camp required for Concert Group and Choral Scholars
  • Ragazzi Premiere day camp: approximately $600–800.
    • Boys placed in Premiere in the spring are required to attend this camp in the summer alongside returning Premiere choristers.
  • Optional day camp for Primary Group boys who have completed at least one semester and are continuing at the Primary level in Fall: approximately $500

Please note: For our 2021-22 season, instead of our usual overnight camp, we are holding a day camp split between time in person and singing over the Ragazzi Virtual Studio (RVS) at home. Pricing for our summer 2021 camp has been adjusted accordingly. For summer 2021, camp is optional for Premiere choristers.


Variable by year and destination; approximate costs listed for 2022

  • Concert Group, Choral Scholars, and Young Men’s Ensemble: ~$6,200
  • Avanti (domestic tour): ~$2,000
  • Ragazzi Premiere (Napa Valley tour): ~$150, plus family food and housing cost
  • Primary Group: no tour