David Allen

Choral Training Program

Need-based assistance is available for all tuitions (fees and uniform costs excluded). 

  • Beginners Primary Group: $900 per semester
  • Intermediate Ragazzi Premiere: $1,050 per semester
  • Premiere Assai (optional supplemental intermediate program): $140 per semester
  • Entry-level treble performing group Avanti: $1,190 per semester
  • Upper-level treble performers Concert Group: $1,190 per semester
  • High School (changed voices) Young Men’s Ensemble: $1,100 per semester
  • All tuition includes Music Theory instruction
  • Choral Scholars (the internal, changed voice honor choir): no extra tuition charged
  • New chorister registration fees (includes complete Theory Program materials and book bag): $195
  • Uniforms cost about $100 per year or less (pre-worn uniform pieces are available free, as available)
  • Concert Group and Young Men’s Ensemble blazers are rented and refitted each semester: $100/yr

photo by Liu Yang


Ragazzi’s non-auditioned option for boys ages 5-7 just getting started with singing. These are Ragazzi’s youngest members. When boys are ready, they can move into our choral training program.

  • Fall (12 weeks): $300 (or $25 per class when start date is prorated)
  • Spring (15 weeks): $375
  • Sibling discounts available.


Variable by year and location; approximate costs listed

  • Sleep-away camp: approximately $1,600-$2,100
    • 7 day camp required for all Premiere boys and non-Choral Scholar YME
    • 10-day camp required for all Avanti and Concert Group boys, plus YME Choral Scholars
    • Boys promoted from Primary to Premiere in April/May are required to attend camp that July, as new Premiere singers
  • Optional day camp for boys who have completed at least one semester of Primary and are continuing at the Primary level in Fall. Approximately $450.


Variable by year and destination; approximate 2019 costs listed

  • Concert Group and Young Men’s Ensemble, domestic: ~$2,500
  • Avanti, domestic: ~$1,900
  • Ragazzi Premiere, Napa Valley: ~$125, plus family food and housing cost